Olio.fm is One Month Old

Olio.fm is one month old today! With only three shows, one being added this week,
Olio.fm has had over 2,000 website views, and is on the edge of 800 listens.

Please help Olio.fm exceed 800 listens for its one-month Birthday by streaming one of
our free and unique podcasts below.

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Kevin and Brandi is a couple’s perspective commentary talk show on Olio.fm. Weekly,
these two Aries will discuss pop culture and current events, and will be providing profound
and provocative thoughts on numerous topics.


Chris & Pop-Pop will smack you right in the face with their own dose of reality on the
Flyers, Eagles, Phillies and Sixers. The Chris & Pop-Pop Show on Olio.fm delivers
Philadelphia sports talk in a way that you haven’t heard before, over the air OR online.
Join the revolution every Tuesday, only on Olio.fm.


THE BREW with Brandi is a freeform music show on Olio.fmTHE BREW will be topping
you off with a blend of tunes from the past, present and “future.” This show’s mission is to
have you discover something new, or to bask in nostalgia.