You Are America, USA: Guest Bobby Mitchell, Billionaire at Age Seven

You Are America, USA! on is an interview-based mockumentary podcast series.
Host Alex Gross dives into the deep undercurrent of the American population by finding
unique, interesting and bizarre people that this great country (sort of?) has to offer.

Today on the first episode of You Are America, USA! is Bobby Mitchell from Gary, Ind. He
was a billionaire at seven years old because he invented the plastic ice cube after leaving an
action figure in the freezer then sticking it in his room-temperature water. Bobby also owns
the WNBA and has a home zoo consisting of lions and cockatoos.

Let Alex know if you want to be a talent on the show. Fill out the form on his page, or contact
him through Twitter at @alexgrossishere.

(Bobby Mitchell played by Frank Farrell.)

Music credit: Leftover Crack – “Crack City Rockers”

Commercial bed music credit:
Skream & Benga – “Nefariousa”
Atmosphere – “Musical Chairs”

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