Kevin and Brandi: Porn Sex vs. Real Sex, Rapper’s Lyrics Lead to Arrest

This week, Kevin and Brandi start off with some weird news and current events, including
a shout out to the 13-pound baby born in Germany, which led to the bigger issue of child
obesity after watching a fat baby episode of Maury. Kevin and Brandi also talk about a
rapper who was arrested for murder because of his lyrics.

During the duo’s Slice of Life segment, they comment on a video that compares porn sex
and real sex by using food visuals. The duo also rants about things they can’t stand by
labeling it as thing that a “stupid goat makes a stupid noise for.”

Kevin and Brandi also reviews Justin Townes Earle’s “Halfway to Jackson,”and compares his
blues-rooted country to today’s manufactured pop-star country.

Let Kevin and Brandi know what you want to hear about. Contact them through their page,
or contact them through Twitter at @KakeSavageSon and @BrandiLukas.

TOPICS (7/31):

  • Weird News/Current Events (13-Pound Baby Shout-Out, Rapper Arrested for Murder
    Because of Lyrics)
  • Slice of Life (Porn Sex vs. Real Sex Explained with Food, One Stupid Goat Makes a
    Stupid Noise For..)
  • Song of the Week (Justin Townes Earle – “Halfway to Jackson”)

Music credit: John Williams – “Star Wars Theme Song”; Twain Gotti – “Hip Full of Gun”;
Justin Townes Earle – “Halfway to Jackson.”

Commercial bed music credit: 
Skream & Benga – “Nefariousa”
Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Twin of Myself”
Atmosphere – “Musical Chairs”

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Kevin and Brandi is a couple’s perspective commentary talk show on Weekly,
these two Arieswill discuss pop culture and current events, and will be providing profound
and provocative thoughts on numerous topics.


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