Kevin and Brandi: Ke$ha’s Phallic Jewelry, Weird Noises During Sex, MGMT

This week, Kevin and Brandi start off with some weird news and current events, including
discussion about Ke$ha’s line of phallic jewelry, and Johnny Manziel getting paid.

During the duo’s Slice of Life segment, they highlight a moment this week when they saw
girls being objectified, which led to them breaking down the situation into body image,
unwritten tiers of objectifying women, and double standards.

Kevin and Brandi revisit the Troubleshooting America segment, where they take calls from
the public regarding relationship questions and advice.  They also review MGMT’s “Your
Life is a Lie.

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TOPICS (8/7):

  • Weird News/Current Events (Ke$ha’s Phallic Jewelry Collection, Johnny Manziel
    Getting Paid)
  • Slice of Life (Body Image, Tiers of Objectifying Women, Double Standards)
  • Troubleshooting America (Kevin and Brandi take calls from the public regarding
    relationship questions and advice.)
  • Song of the Week (MGMT’s – “Your Life Is A Lie”)

Music credit: The Cribs – “My Life Flashed Before My Eyes”; Ke$ha – “Die Young”;
Naughty By Nature – “Here Comes the Money”; MGMT – “Your Life Is A Lie.”

Commercial bed music credit: 
Skream & Benga – “Nefariousa”
Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Twin of Myself”
Atmosphere – “Musical Chairs”

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