Kevin and Brandi: Breaking Bad Finale Predictions, Kid That Pooped His Pants in School, PHANTOGRAM

This week, Kevin and Brandi start off with some weird news and current events, including discussion on a man who had penis surgery after taking too much Viagra, and talk about some of the statistically worst things about the states.

During the duo’s Slice of Life segment, Brandi talks about a kid that pooped his pants one time that Brandi substitute taught an elementary school class, and then Kevin talks about happy endings v. sad endings of TV series.

With only two episodes left of the series, the couple discusses ep. 61 of Breaking Bad and make season finale predictions, then they review PHANTOGRAM’s new track “Black Out Days.

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TOPICS (9/25):

  • Weird News/Current Events (Man Needs Penis Surgery After Taking Too Much Viagra, Whats the Most Screwed Up Thing About Your State?)
  • Slice of Life (Kid Who Pooped His Pants, Happy v. Sad Endings of Shows)
  • Breaking Bad (Episode 61 Discussion and Recap, Finale Predictions)
  • Song of the Week (PHANTOGRAM – “Black Out Days”)

Music credit: The Who – “Pinball Wizard”; Flight of the Conchords – “Inner City Pressure”; PHANTOGRAM – “Black Out Days.”

Commercial bed music credit: 
Skream & Benga – “Nefariousa”
Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Twin of Myself”
Atmosphere – “Musical Chairs”

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