Faceoff with Chris: Can the Flyers Reach .500? Steven Stamkos’ Condition, Flyers Q&A

This week on Faceoff with Chris, the Flyers are on their road trip and trying to reach and go above .500, once again. They’ll have to do so this week, against the likes of the Detroit Red Wings and Dallas Stars. Chris tells us if he believes the Flyers can be a consistent-enough team to not only reach .500 again, but soar above it. Do they have the talent and goaltending?

Next, thanks to TSN’s Insider’s Trading segment, Chris gives an audio update on the condition of Steven Stamkos, trade rumors, Peter Luukko’s resignation, and Team USA’s goaltending predicament.

Lastly, Chris answers questions via his Facebook and Twitter (@ChrisDiFran10) accounts surrounding the Flyers, hatred towards Paul Holmgren, and upcoming NHL Free Agents, both UFA and RFA.

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Chris DiFrancesco is the Philadelphia Flyers editor for PhilaPhans.com. Every Thursday, Faceoff with Chris on Olio.fm will be bringing you the “inside track on the Orange and Black” along with eye-opening thoughts and special guests for an inside-scoop on all the Philadelphia sports teams.