Going to Hell: Guest Mike McColgan of Street Dogs, War on Christmas, Get My Grandpa Laid Competition

On the second edition of Going to Hell on Olio.fm, guest-host Amanda Myers (Brandi’s friend from college) joins Brandi for a rousing discussion of..well, a lot of things. The duo starts with a Quickies segment, which then leads to the Eccentric Scoops segment. In this segment, Brandi and Amanda discuss the story of a woman who booby trapped her ex’s apartment, and comment on Howard Stern’s “Get My Grandpa Laid competition,” where the winner dies before redeeming his prize.

Next, Brandi and Amanda introduce the Contentious Topics segment, where the two discuss the media’s take of The War on Christmas through articles and clips addressing a Festivus pole’s erection at the Florida state capital and the idea of “no children, no tree.” During this week’s Sit on My Face segment, the two comment on Brandi recently being sexiled from her own home and a new pickup line she’s not accustomed to: “Are you straight?”

Lastly, Brandi interviews Mike McColgan of Street Dogs (vocals/founder of Dropkick Murphys) for her First Date segment of Going to Hell. McColgan discusses his favorite Philly venues, his favorite cheesesteak spot, and some new material that we can expect in 2014, from both Street Dogs and his new project FM359. Brandi also has a rapid-fire Christmas questions segment with him, in honor of the annual Wreck the Halls tour. You’ll be able to check her recap of Street Dogs’ Union Transfer show on Dissonant Geek this weekend.

If you’re in an underground band or would like to guest-host with Brandi, contact her through her page or Tweet her at @goingtohellpod.

Music credit: The Darkness – “One Way Ticket;” Iggy Izalea – “Work;” Bjork – “Army of Me;” USDA – “Quickie;” The Prodigy – “Poison;” Dr. Demento – “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus;” Danny Elfman – “Making Christmas;” Monthy Pynthon – “Sit on My Face;” Street Dogs – “Rust Belt Nation;” Street Dogs – “Crooked Drunken Sons.”

Commercial bed music credit: Skream & Benga – “Nefariousa;” Jay Z – “Public Service Announcement/My Name is Hov;” Smokey Robinson & the Miracles – “Deck the Halls.”

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