Going to Hell: Guy with Two Penises, “Cheek Kiss of Death,” Guest Justin Drach of Within & Without

On the third edition of Going to Hell on Olio.fm, guest-host Eric Sachs joins Brandi for a rousing discussion of..well, a lot of things. The duo starts with a Quickies segment covering the No Pants Subway Ride, which then leads to the Eccentric Scoops segment. In this segment, Brandi and Eric discuss the guy with two dicks, and a woman who was stabbed for bringing her boyfriend the wrong lunch.

Next, Brandi and Eric introduce the Contentious Topics segment, where the two discuss the legalization of marijuana/Colorado’s pesky highway mile-marker theft and the debate of smoking e-cigarettes in buildings. During this week’s Sit on My Face segment, the two comment on Eric’s “Cheek Kiss of Death” on his first date with a new lady.

Lastly, Brandi interviews Justin Drach of Within & Without for her ‘First Date’ segment of Going to Hell. Drach discusses his anticipation for the band’s main-stage set at the Brotherly Breakdown Festival at The Trocadero this Saturday, Jan. 18, presented by Aftermath Events (purchase tickets here). Brandi also has a silly rapid-fire questions for him, where you’ll find out what the band and garden gnomes have in common, along with some personal details. You’ll be able to check her photo recap of Within & Without’s Brotherly Breakdown Festival set on Dissonant Geek.

If you’re in an underground band or would like to guest-host with Brandi, contact her through her page or Tweet her at @goingtohellpod.

Music credit: The Darkness – “One Way Ticket;” Iggy Izalea – “Work;” Drowning Pool – “Bodies;” French Montana – “Pop That;” Three Dog Night – “One;” Afroman – “Because I Got High;” Monthy Pynthon – “Sit on My Face;” Biz Markie – “Just A Friend;” Within & Without – “Here Forever;” Within & Without – “Still in My Head.”

Commercial bed music credit: Skream & Benga – “Nefariousa;” Jay Z – “Public Service Announcement/My Name is Hov.”

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