Faceoff with Chris: Dissecting Tom Verducci’s Baseball’s State of Union Article, NASCAR Changes

This week on Faceoff with Chris, we hear arguably the most in-depth show to date from both Chris and Pop-Pop. Based off a brilliant article written by Tom Verducci of SI.com, the duo become baseball doctors and operate on America’s game, from funding college baseball to changing the entire MLB playoff format. Chris and Pop-Pop attempt to re-organize in a way that’ll attract newer generations to the game and even keep older demographics interested.

Chris battles Pop-Pop when the discussion reaches contracts and owners. Should baseball cap their contracts like the NHL? Or should owners find ways to make coming to a ballpark more affordable for families. In addition, there’s so much more; listen in and join the discussion through email, Facebook and Twitter.

Later, Chris talks about NASCAR’s attempt to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, with their latest changes to their “Chase for the Sprint Cup” championship. Will this make casual NASCAR fans want to watch more?

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Chris DiFrancesco is the Philadelphia Flyers editor for PhilaPhans.com. Every Thursday, Faceoff with Chris on Olio.fm will be bringing you the “inside track on the Orange and Black” along with eye-opening thoughts and special guests for an inside-scoop on all the Philadelphia sports teams.