One Year of Podcasting

Today marks the one-year anniversary of posting its first podcast! What a journey it has been. We exceeded 18,000 plays, housed a total of six shows, did live events, had a podcast nominated for an award show, and was an official sponsor of the first ever Philly Podcast Festival. We think our second year is going to go twice as hard, and we’re excited to share it with you!

Enjoy our first-ever podcast:

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Chris DiFrancesco is the Philadelphia Flyers editor for Weekly, Faceoff with Chris on will be bringing you the “inside track on the Orange and Black” along with eye-opening thoughts and special guests for an inside-scoop on all the Philadelphia sports teams.


Going to Hell on will make you uncomfortably curious. Host Brandi Lukas comments on pop culture, discusses social issues, and interviews bands. “She is a strong, independent black woman who don’t need no man.”



Chris & Pop-Pop smacks you right in the face with their own dose of reality on the Flyers, Eagles, Phillies and Sixers. The Chris & Pop-Pop Show on delivers Philadelphia sports talk in a way that you haven’t heard before, over the air OR online.


Kevin and Brandi is a couple’s perspective commentary talk show on These two Aries discuss pop culture and current events, and provide profound and provocative thoughts on numerous topics.


You Are America, USA! on is an interview-based mockumentary podcast series. Host Alex Gross dives into the deep undercurrent of the American population by finding unique, interesting and bizarre people that this great country (sort of?) has to offer.


THE BREW with Brandi is a freeform music show on This show’s mission is to have you discover something new or bask in nostalgia, by topping you off with a blend of tunes from the past, present and “future.”