The Chris & Pop-Pop Show: Guest Bryn Swartz of Bleacher Report, Rise of Tommy John Surgeries, Phillies’ Inconsistency

This week on The Chris & Pop-Pop Show:

Eagles: Bryn Swartz, Eagles Insider for called in at the beginning of the show to discuss everything surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles draft. What did Swartz think of Head Coach Chip Kelly’s second full draft, and does he approve of the selections? How do the Eagles stack up against the rest of the NFC East? Are they still the top team? Was this draft more the vision of GM Howie Roseman or Kelly?

Chris & Pop-Pop also run down who they thought was the best pick for the Eagles. Did the Eagles rush their first round pick of Marcus Smith because they ran out of options? Find out what grade the duo gives the Eagles’ draft.

Phillies: Arguably the most inconsistent team in the NL, the Phils suffered through this past weekend against the Mets, mainly because they had a great opportunity to sweep the series until the closer, when Jonathan Papelbon reported himself to be “sore.” Where does this team now stand with an offense that can score runs and bullpen that continues to burn them? Can GM Ruben Amaro Jr. and Ryne Sandberg right the ship?

Flyers: Chris spouts his anger toward the organization and the stories they feed to their fanbase. The fabrication and false vision that the Flyers continue to push for has now reached another level with the hiring/promotion of Ron Hextall to GM and Paul Holmgren to President. Chris explains his content with Hextall as GM, but he worries that Hextall won’t be able to carry out his visions because of the two “big guns” that he needs to answer to above him.

Tommy John: There’s an alarming epidemic hitting MLB; since February 18, 39 pitchers have been told that they need the dreaded Tommy John (UCL) elbow surgery. Worse, the average age of pitchers needing the surgery is at an astounding age. Chris and Pop-Pop go over the nasty statistics that MLB needs to try and fix, or at least halt the constant rise of this problem.

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