The Chris & Pop-Pop Show: Sixers’ Unlucky Break in NBA Draft, Illegal Pain Killers in NFL Locker Rooms, Cliff Lee’s Sprain

This week on The Chris & Pop-Pop Show:

NBA/Sixers: The Sixers caught an unlucky break in the NBA Draft lottery, drawing the third pick. Chris believes the system is, in someway, rigged to benefit teams who are consistently terrible. Also, does this prove that the “tanking theory” is a worthless idea for teams in the NBA, since the draft is setup via lottery? The Sixers basically said that they won’t contend for a playoff spot next season, as well. What can the fans do? How can they make a difference to make their own statement to the Sixers organization?

Phillies: Cliff Lee will miss the next 3-4 weeks with a “sprain” in his pitching elbow. The Phils came into Wednesday riding a three-game winning streak, and the Lee injury happened at the worst possible time. With the Lee injury, is now the right time to start “selling,” if we were GM Ruben Amaro Jr.?

NFL: Over 600 former players are taking the National Football League to court to try and help themselves and the future of the game in terms of health and safety within their locker rooms. The reports show that team officials from numerous NFL teams allegedly provided numerous different illegal pain killers via needles to players backsides to make sure they could play through extreme pain. Chris and Pop-Pop discuss these inhumane accusations against the NFL. If the players win, and the facts are facts against the league, how can the NFL survive this backlash and illegal activity?

Lastly, Pop-Pop closes the show with a heartfelt plea against President Barack Obama and his mistreatment and lies surrounding the military and their veterans.

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