The Chris & Pop-Pop Show: Who is Holding the Phillies Back? ‘Quick Hits’ with World Cup and Manny Machado

This week on The Chris and Pop-Pop Show:

Phillies: Pop-Pop returns to the show after a week off! Pop-Pop discusses with Chris who he believes is holding back the Phillies from “retooling;” the listeners may not appreciate the answer, but Chris agrees. Later, Chris runs down the list of possible players the Phillies can trade, and what the realistic chances are of Ruben Amaro Jr. being able to deal them.

List: Chris runs down a list of the five things Philadelphia sports fans should get excited for, which involves all four of the major franchises. DiFrancesco based the list of 94WIP’s Angelo Cataldi’s original list of five.

Behind the Ropes: Chris promotes the pro wrestling documentary Behind the Ropes, which was launched on Kickstarter this past Tuesday, June 10. The documentary is about the sense of fraternity and brotherhood in the world of professional wrestling. Filming has already included WWE Hall of Famers Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Tito Santana and more.

Behind the Ropes is currently in-production with executive producer Alycia Kaback and The It Factor Productions.’s very own Founder Brandi Lukas is the Associate Producer of the film, so please support her and this campaign!

Quick Hits: Finally, this week’s Quick Hits segment is thrown out there, which involves Donald Sterling, the World Cup and Manny Machado.

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