The Chris & Pop-Pop Show: Does Cole Hamels Want to Leave Philly? Rundown of Eagles’ 16-Game Schedule

This week, The Chris and Pop-Pop Show returns from its summer break. Back from a lengthy vacation, Chris and Pop-Pop are back, and they’re ready to entertain and inform!

Phillies: Reports have the Phils and Boston Red Sox heavily involved in intense trade talks that will head to winter, involving Cole Hamels. What are the details? Does Hamels want to leave Philadelphia? Next up, how much power does Ryne Sandberg really have with his lineup, or is he strapped from above?

Eagles: The Birds lost their opening preseason game in Chicago, and the whole city is in a tiff over the lackluster performance. What’s next for Chip Kelly? How will Nick Foles return in game two against New England? Also, Chris and Pop-Pop run down the 16-game schedule and do their annual win/loss segment. Where does Pop-Pop believe the Eagles will finish the season? Playoff bound? Then, Chris asks and discusses the possibility of the fan base turning on Kelly if the Eagles somehow miss the postseason this year.

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