Going to Hell: Why Men Store Nude Selfies on External Hard Drives, Guest Rob Lindgren of Revolution, I Love You


Going to Hell on Olio.fm returns after its summer vacation with episode 9! Guest-host Mike L. joins Brandi for a rousing discussion of..well, a lot of things. The duo starts with a Quickies segment covering the latest from Brandi’s OkCupid account, which then leads to the Eccentric Scoops segment.

In this segment, the duo plays and discusses Freddie Mercury sing-a-like Marc Martel, and Mike presents 10 Ways That Men Can Be Irresistible to Women, where Brandi confirms, disagrees or provides additional input. Next, Brandi and Mike introduce the Sit on My Face segment where the two discuss why men store naked selfies of girlfriends and/or past girlfriends on external hard drives, and Brandi shares a weird bar tale from this weekend.

Lastly, Brandi interviews Rob Lindgren of Philly’s lo-fi electro rock trio Revolution, I Love You for her First Date segment of Going to Hell. Lindgren recaps the band’s set at the Dewey Beach Music Conference and shares some insight on their new album Black Feathers, due in 2015. Brandi also has silly rapid-fire questions for him, where you’ll find out what stripper name the electro rock frontman would rep.

If you’re in an underground band or would like to guest-host with Brandi, contact her through her page or Tweet her at @BrandiLukas.

Music credit: The Darkness – “One Way Ticket;” Iggy Izalea – “Work;” Foxy Shazam – “I Like It;” Queen (Marc Martel Cover) – “Somebody to Love;” Fountains of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom;” The Teenagers – “No Love;” Jethro Tull – “Aqualung;” Revolution, I Love You – “The Atlantic Ocean;” Revolution, I Love You – “Autumn Leaves;” Jethro Tull – “Thick Like a Brick.”

Commercial bed music credit: Skream & Benga – “Nefariousa;” Jay Z – “Public Service Announcement/My Name is Hov;” D. Pepper Massey – “Keep It Minimum;” The Darkness – “One Way Ticket;” Iggy Azalea – “Work.”

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