Going to Hell: Lost Walt Disney Film Recovered, Man Poses as Victoria’s Secret Rep, Guest Dre Giles of Lotus Effect

Going to Hell on Olio.fm is back with episode 13! Guest-host Scott Chappelear of South Jersey Sports Digest and freelance writer joins Brandi for a rousing discussion of..well, a lot of things. The duo starts with a Quickies segment covering the latest from Brandi’s OkCupid account, which then leads to the Eccentric Scoops segment, where they discuss the a lost 1927 Walt Disney film, and Georgia’s free pictures with Santa at a firing range.

Next under Contentious Topics, the duo comments on a U.S. Postal Service worker stealing mail out of boredom and a man posing as a Victoria’s Secret rep in order to get photos of women in their undies. Next, Brandi and Chappie introduce the Sit on My Face segment where the two discuss Secret Santa and its fuckery.

Lastly, Brandi interviews Dre Giles of Houston’s post progressive alt-rock band Lotus Effect for her First Date segment of Going to Hell before their Apoca-X-mas Holiday Show this Thursday, December 18. Giles discusses his favorite moments performing with national acts and discusses the band’s new video for its latest single “Try Harder.” Brandi also has silly rapid-fire questions for him, where you’ll find out his preference material for breast implants – the ’90s called, they want their Nerf back.

If you’re in an underground band or would like to guest-host with Brandi, contact her through her page or Tweet her at @BrandiLukas.

Music credit: The Darkness – “One Way Ticket;” Iggy Izalea – “Work;” The Offspring – “Bad Habit;” Weird Al Yankovic – “Eat It;” Danny Elfman – “Sandy Claws;” Pulp – “Underwear;” The Marvelettes – “Please Mr. Postman;” The Sonics – “Don’t Believe In Christmas;” Lotus Effect – “Warhol;” Lotus Effect – “Try Harder;” The Darkness – “Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End.”

Commercial bed music credit: Skream & Benga – “Nefariousa;” Jay Z – “Public Service Announcement/My Name is Hov;” D. Pepper Massey – “Keep It Minimum;” The Darkness – “One Way Ticket;” Iggy Azalea – “Work.”

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Going to Hell on Olio.fm will make you uncomfortably curious. Host Brandi Lukas comments on pop culture, discusses social issues, and interviews bands. “She is a strong, independent black woman who don’t need no man.”


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