Medical Militia Radio: Guest Olympian Sanjay Ayre on 2015 Fitness Goals, Pomegranate’s Ancient Health Benefits

On Medical Militia Radio‘s S2E9, host iLLuZionz O’Grandeur assembles the Medical Militia team at the WWBC 1510-AM studios in Cocoa, Fla., which will be the show’s official recording studio before it goes live on every Friday! The team is located all throughout the U.S., so many thanks to station owner Ray Cassis for making the recording-magic happen!

This week’s special topic is Attaining and Maintaining Olympic Fitness Goals in 2015. The Medical Militia kicks it off with a roundtable discussion titled Utter Insanity and talks about “fake exemptions” and if its possible to detect when we provide false info regarding our health conditions through writing.

Next, iLLz talks with Olympian Sanjay Ayre about attaining and maintaining health and fitness on an Olympic level.

For You Are What You Eat, iLLz discusses pomegranate and its ancient health benefits, then iLLz closes with the Soundtrack to Your Life with inspiration from D’Angelo’s album The Black Messiah.

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Music credit: D. Pepper Massey – “Keep It Minimum.”

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