High and Tight: Eagles’ Week 4 Loss, Listener Q&A, Guest Bryn Swartz

High and Tight: Season 1, Episode 33:

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About this episode:
On this week of High and Tight, 
Chris and Jay get right to your questions for the show’s Q&A! They give out their end of the season MLB Awards, where both Chris and Jay differ on lots of awards for a fun debate. Jay answers FanDuel and Draft Kings comparisons to traditional fantasy leagues.

Our resident Eagles beat writer Bryn Swartz calls in to discuss the Birds week 4 loss in Washington and what to look ahead for in week 5 when they host the New Orleans Saints. He finally shares his opinion on Chip the coach and Chip Kelly the GM – hear Bryn’s thoughts on the Eagles leader.

Chris and Jay wrap-up their Q&A’s where you hear how Chris is dealing with his depression issue in such a high-paced mean world, the WWE’s most overrated and underrated, will there ever be another “Attitude Era,” Chris’ hatred for Philadelphia fans, thoughts on Flyers season, and Chris’ NYC experiences with his girlfriend.

Jay Mill ends the show with his weekly sports/entertainment roundup.

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