High and Tight: Top 5 Philly Coaches, Golden Globes, “Nausiating” Discussion on Bradford

High and Tight: Season 2, Episode 43:

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About this episode:
On this week of High and Tight, Chris and Jay use this weeks show as a platform to get a few things off their chest on an array of different topics. Whether it’s about the PED users becoming more likely to make the Baseball Hall of Fame or it’s what Chris is fasting from for the next 21 days!

Then the boys delve into the WWE Hall of Fame selection process and how the Royal Rumble is shaping up to be.

Also, how about Sylvester Stallone getting a standing ovation at the Golden Globes? High and Tight hosts discuss the award show. Especially Leo!

Who are the top 5 favorite Philadelphia coaches of all time? Chris polled the fans on Facebook and they spoke. Both Chris and Jay give their lists as well. Then who are C&J’s top 10 favorite athletes outside Philadelphia. This gets interesting.

Lastly, will Sam Bradford be offered the franchise tag (a little over $21 million) by the Eagles? Should the Eagles make that leap of faith to Bradford and give him a long-term deal or at least 3-4 years? There’s so much to discuss on Bradford, it’s nauseating.

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