High and Tight: Guest Former Creative Writer for WWF, WCW and TNA Vince Russo

High and Tight: Season 2, Episode 47:

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About this episode:
On this week of High and Tight,
 Arguably one of the most controversial figures in pro wrestling history comes to High and Tight.

Vince Russo, who used to be the head creative writer for WWF/WCW/TNA, calls in and chats with Chris for almost 40 minutes. From Shawn Michaels being the best ever, to how today’s product has albeit ruined the company in the eyes of die-hard fans.

Russo discusses the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin and if it was luck because of the infamous ‘Curtain Call.’ What can the WWE do to right the ship of just becoming a ‘niche’ program? What has separated Vince McMahon after all these years from every other wrestling promoter out there. Russo explains why he believes superstars like Roman Reigns cannot get over with the current fan base. Find out who Russo believes should’ve been one of the greatest heels in WWE history.

All of the above and more is discussed in this no holds barred interview with Mr. Vince Russo!

Chris and Jay end the show recapping Russo’s interview and then give their opinions on WWE’s Fastlane PPV this Sunday.


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