Going to Hell: Steak and BJ Day, Musical Guest Ryan Nelson of Gooch and the Motion, Jo Pincushion of American Exorcist

Going to Hell – Episode 18:

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About this episode:
Guest-host Mike Lovett joins Brandi for a rousing discussion of..well, a lot of things. The duo starts with a Quickies segment covering the latest from Brandi’s OkCupid account and Steak & BJ Day, which then leads to the Eccentric Scoops segment, where they discuss why some farts stink/others don’t, and 17 euphemisms for sex from the 1800s.

For the Contentious Topics segment, the duo comments how often you should wash 10 common household items. Following, Brandi introduces the Sit on My Face segment, where she talks about how government should regulate welfare checks a little better, after seeing a couple in Target possibly abusing the system.

Next, Brandi introduces the all-new segment Pancakes and Eggs, where she has a discussion with a woman who she thinks KICKS ASS. This week, she has Jo Pincushion of American Exorcist, due out this upcoming Halloween, and Creepy Basement via Scrapple TV.

Next, Brandi interviews quadriplegic and cancer-surviving lead vocalist and slide guitarist Ryan Nelson, a.k.a. Gooch, of Gooch and the Motion for her First Date segment of Going to Hell. Gooch discusses working with nine-time Grammy-Award-winning producer Joe “the Butcher” Nicolo, rediscovering music after tragedy, and his band’s upcoming tour and documentary. Brandi also has silly rapid-fire questions for him, where you’ll find out his spirit animal, what ’90s trend he’d bring back to 2016, and his ideal invention. You can check out Gooch and the Motion’s music here.

Music credit:
The Darkness – “One Way Ticket;” Iggy Izalea – “Work;” Rick Springfield – “Jessie’s Girl;” Chuck Berry – “Ding-a-Ling;” Rose Royce – “Car Wash;” Queen – “I Want It All;” Tommy Emmanuel – “Angelina.”

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