High and Tight: Guest Tom Moore of Calkins Media on Sixers, 2016 Presidential Election

High and Tight: Season 2, Episode 60:

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About this episode:
On this week of High and Tight:

Chris has guests Tom Moore, who covers the Sixers for Calkins Media, and Chris’s Pop-Pop call in to the show.

Moore, who has covered the Sixers for almost 30 years, has lots to say about the upcoming draft, his thoughts on the process up to this point, and stories from the past about what it was like covering Charles Barkley and Allen Iverson. Great “inside” interview.

Pop-Pop made his return to podcasting (from his days in The Chris & Pop-Pop Show) to discuss Election 2016 and what to expect as we get closer to nominations.

Chris and his lady-friend Morgan open the show with their totally opposite thoughts about Game of Thrones and violence on television and movies. Then, they finish the show with a rundown of stories throughout sports and entertainment.


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