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cropped-olio_logo_rectangle_940x360.jpg is a startup project of Brandi Lukas. Brandi is a recent college graduate and, regardless of the economy and highly competitive circumstances in music journalism careers, is still adamantly searching for a job.

The irony of webcasting is that the more successful you become, the more it costs to run the station. It is an expensive process to build a radio station from the ground up, especially so while being a recent college graduate. Brandi has already invested over $1,100 in this project, which is just the beginning. Brandi wants to be as popular as it can without it spotting her pockets dry.

If you would like to donate to keep running, please use the PayPal button below. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated by Brandi and everyone who enjoys the music and talk shows we broadcast.

As a special thanks to anyone who contributes, your name or business will be listed in a special section of the website, with a hyperlink to you or your business.

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